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Wed May 15 20:45:40 EST 2002

     Prof. Jerry McLaughlin, formerly of the Department of Medicinal
Chemistry at Purdue University, now retired, has written and lectured
on simple bioassays.   His research interest was in finding new
anticancer drugs, but the same sorts of simple bioassays can be
applied to determining toxicity.  References:
	1) Phytochemical Analysis 2, 107 (1991)
	2) Int. J. Crude Drug Research 22, 169 (1984)
Toxicity to the brine shrimp, Artemia salina, has been used to measure
toxicity in waste water.  This is a cheap bioassay, typically taking
less than 24 hrs to perform.   An LD50 is easily determined.  It is
perhaps less sensitive than some assays, and the shrimp do not respond
to all compounds.   Nonetheless, I can say from personal experience,
it is an assay that works.      Tom McCloud

On Thu, 9 May 2002 18:44:23 +0800, "Magix" <keicheng at magix.com.sg>

>We need to conduct toxicity screening of water samples when there are
>chemical spills or fish kills. In such cases, we need to respond to the
>public quickly and inform them whether it is safe (epecially when the
>waters are for recreational purposes).
>Does anyone recommend a toxicity kit/equipment ?   Further to this, would a
>single test calculation the % inhibition be sufficient to determine the
>toxicity of the waters or tests requiring multiple dilutions to obtain EC50
>be adequate?
>Thank you for your assistance and time.
>Agatha Lee

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