Advice in microbiology needed

Vince Mulholland Vince.Mulholland at sasa.gsi.gov.uk
Wed May 22 06:12:12 EST 2002


Use chloramphenicol NOT ampicillin (the bacterium is Cam-R). This seems to
be your problem.

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BL21 CodonPlus (DE3) RIL from Stratagene has genotype E. coli B F(-) ompT
hsdS(rB(-) mB(-)) dcm(+) Tet(r) gal ?(DE3) endA Hte[argU ileY leuW Cam(r)],
and appears it should be able to grow in a minimal medium. We tried to grow
it in M9 with glucose (and ampicillin for plasmid maintenance) with no
avail. Tech. rep. from Stratagene was not of much help suggesting to add
proline (?), cysteine (?) and thiamine (?) with no guarantee to work. Any
advice what may be a problem and how to make it grow? 


Vladimir Yamshchikov 


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