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JEDilworth bactitech at nospamhortonsbay.com
Sat May 25 00:49:34 EST 2002

What John has said is correct. To perform anaerobic micro you need a lot
of stuff, and if you're starting from scratch, it will cost you some big

Why do you want to do this, anyway? Propionibacterium sp. are anaerobes
that live on the skin. Some labs just report tham as anaerobic
diphtheroids, as there are many types of diphtheroid organisms living on
the skin. They tend to contaminate blood cultures. 

Here's a link that will send you in many anaerobic directions:


Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

John Gentile wrote:
> In what context are you doing this? Are you in a well supplied lab or are
> you doing this as a hobby?

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