what was the murderer?

Danny nospam at for.me
Sat Apr 30 12:25:22 EST 2005

big_george_lake at yahoo.com wrote:
> A friend fed his dogs some raw hamburger meat
> that had been in the refrigerator for over a month.
> All died within 10 hours.  We wish to know a guess
> of what specific species (or family) of bacteria might
> cause such toxic reactions.
> Thank you for your ideas!

Carnivores are relatively resistant to enteric pathogens (prey meat in 
nature is rarely refrigerated) so "over a month", while probably unfit 
for human consumption, is not necessarily toxic to the dog. Symptoms 
could provide a clue but botulism comes to mind (flacid paralysis). 
Although Listeria is one of the few bacteria that will grow at 4 degrees 
Celsius, canine infections are, as much as I know, extremely rare and 
certainly not lethal.

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