does dna have colour

xoolit REMOVECAPSalen at ikorcula.net
Sat Feb 26 07:41:14 EST 2005

Our DNA "works" on our colour (eyes skin whatever) it does not have a 
coulour itself neccessarily... for example my grandma has grey eyes and my 
granpa had brown but my moms eyes are brown does that mean my grandmas' DNA 
was to lazy to work its way to victory ...

So humans are just like complex books walking around the world, working, 
talking, loving and there are more liitle books, animals and plants around 
us that we see, love ,pet or look after...

I am interested in this is there any way DNA works on how a human thinks - 
for example my parents gave me 50% of their genes each and sometimes i have 
something that is smarter than what they had or of what they gave me - my 
DNA has learned a new way to work better or something like that... Does that 
mean i am 50% more advanced ...

Can a human "write" new stuff to his DNA - just for fun... if you know 
something transparent is working for you - you'd be the administrator of 
your own DNA...

the real reason of my interest in DNA is this - i also dont expect positive 
answers cause this has something to do with an idea coming from the future 
(the nice part of the future - if people like this idea we can all live in 
peace then) - croatia has implemented a system - for people who are citizens 
of this country - who do not wish to carry guns or learn how to use them 
because their consciousness tells them to do so - they are a part of the 
civil service system and they have to serve some government or state 
institution for eight months if they do not wish to serve the regular army 
where 18 year olds have no objection in carrying guns or learning how to 
kill another human not actually but the whole army thing has brought nothing 
good to humanity - 90 % is going in the regular army and 10% is a social 
worker -  these 10% are saving the life of the children of the future so the 
number is increasing - people still care about good things and life because 
we wouldnt be able to survive if we had no entertainment coming from good 
things or a good source - i worked as a social worker for 8 months in the 
government office and figured what time and parts of my thought process i 
would have lose if i went to the regular army - i would lose a lot but i 
would never jeopardize my morale codes i always hated the army since i was a 
kid and later i got beaten because of this and humiliated often and saved by 
good people- but i also am one of the strongest people on the planet just 
because - many people think i will never persuade someone to cancel the 
army - its a bloody job. The army in the US or its branches has technology 
that the civil populi has ever seen and its worth enough to feed the entire 
planet for 30 years and enough to fund laboratories for doctors and 
scientists to find out cures to deadly diseases...

 einstein hated the army especially when solidiers would march - there is a 
french saying with the devil we marche - thats sick - well mad people work 
in the army anyway...  i hate it anyhow ... but thats why i am interested in 
how to fix things DNA works in tachyon speed and one good argument can 
persuade people to believe in a better life... this is a bloody job and its 
hard i know but i need some info on the possibilities how to make DNA work 
to work for noble stuff - nobility is what lacks in the world society - so i 
would expect some noble ideas from people who read this - every genius loves 
to talk to his or her DNA ...

...at least tell me this would you (scientist or whoever)  have more funding 
if the military was proclaimed an obsolete organ in our society...

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