[Microbiology] Re: a question about bacillus

dupan at libero.it dupan at libero.it
Thu Jun 8 01:41:59 EST 2006

Hi, I work in a pharmaceutical industry and in my lab we use the
Microlog station (Biolog-AES) to identify every microorganism we find
in our surfaces and air controls. in its database are present 1400
different types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts). It's able
to identify 27 different types of bacillus. You can have  more
information in this site:

have a nice work!

h pardis2006 ha scritto:

> hi
>   im starting  a project with bacillus species , they have been isolated from soil . if anybody know methods to screening and identify them , please tell me . all opinions are welcome .
>   best wishes

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