[Microbiology] Re: A set of tests for Pseudomonas florescence

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Sat Oct 13 21:07:20 EST 2007


I found this in about two seconds on google.

Why Pseudomonas? The organism Ps. aeruginosa is the only one that 
produces green pigment, pyocyanin, and is oxidase positive. Other 
pseudomonads are more difficult to speciate. Do you mean Pseudomonas 
fluorescens or fluorescence of Ps. aeruginosa? There's a BIG difference 
in what you're asking.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

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> Dear Sir
> I am working on  the contamination of Milk with Gram-negative
> psychrotrophic spoilage bacteria and I should diagnose
> and differentiate different species of this bacteria.

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