[Microbiology] Repeat performance to the tee; Safeway Water contaminated? Coliform bacteria? Same as 2003 incident posted! Have specimen in Chicago

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Sun Oct 14 22:32:59 EST 2007

Please respond; we have no one else to go to at this point!  The motile
living organism was found in another 2.5 gallon container of Safeway water,
today!  We have a specimen if there is a credible source that can retrieve
and evaluate it.
I want to thank you for piquing my curiosity on a posted a question.  We
purchased a bottle of Safeway brand of supposedly RO water under the Safeway
label.  Approximately 10 gallons was purchased for my son's science
experiment, but each bottle was 2.5 gallons.
In the third bottle, while pouring, an animate and peculiar object was
motile and swimming around in our glass measuring cup.  We ended our work
this evening.  The organism was flat to some extent and segmented. When I
peered into the 2.5 gallon plastic Safeway water container, there was at
least another similar motile segmented organism that appeared to be the same
species.  They are quite large, visible to the human eye, and look almost
like a segmented clear tape with round ends like a mini 'tapeworm-like'
Based upon someone's knowledge of biology, the trade, and the fact that this
demonstrates an apparent carelessness, can anyone "guess" or "speculate"
based upon you or your organization's knowledge whether it may possibly be
the above or something else?  It was an extremely bazaar experience for us.
Does someone credible have an interest in evaluating the specimens before
they die off?  
This e-mail, below, posted in 2003 by G. M. Voeth to Lesley Robertson is
completely consistent with our experience with Safeway water on Sunday
October 14, 2007.  We kept the 2.5 gallon container to preserve whatever
specimens are left.  This was a rather disgusting experience and the details
were deja vu.  We have no idea what is in the bottle, but it was definitely
motile and is being sold at the Dominick's Foods, a subsidiary of Safeway,
on Howard and Clark in Chicago, Illinois.
This is a link:
We were curious if this is something to alert authorities to.  They are
selling this stuff and no one has been hurt, yet, but we were pouring the
stuff on our kitchen counter.

Kevin Dixler
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> > Hello,
> >
> > I am posting here just to find some answers.
> >
> > Awhile ago I purchased a 1 gallon plastic
> > jug of drinking water sold by Safeway as
> > a Safeway Brand. It went into storage for
> > two to three weeks before being used.
> > Just the other day I cracked the seal
> > and poured a mug of water and there was
> > this white fibrous, filamentous mass
> > suspended in the water.
> It sounds like a mould. Do they claim that the water has been sterilised?
> they give a "use by" date? Most water contains trace organics, atc. Unless
> it's sterile, leave it to stand long enough and something will grow. The
> chances of  it being dangerous are pretty slim, however. The selective
> pressures for growth in nutrient-poor conditions such as this do not
> the sort of bugs that like to grow in warm, nutrient rich mammalian
> Like the others who've answered, I don't understand why you prefer to
> stagnant water from a bottle. If you're in a high-chlorine area, all you
> really need is a filter jug to remove it. Tap water's fresher.
> Lesley Robertson
The water here is extremely high in dissolved salts like
calcium carbonate and other solids. If my coffee maker
is to live a decent life I must use purified water
of some kind that removes the total dissolved solids.
Stagnant water does not bother me because H2O today
is still H20 12 months later. What bothers me is that
organisms can seem to grow in water that by all rights
should have no nutrients in it whatsoever. The
water is supposedly purified by reverse osmosis
which I understand is one of the best ways to purify.
It should be about as pure as distilled water.
Either the filters that the water in question
passed through were malfunctioning or the water
was not really filtered at all. Sometimes I wonder
if a tanker truck might just pull up to a fire plug
someplace and that is where these water companies
are getting their water from. I have never seen
any water company that advertises their water
as being free from dangerous biological/chemical contamination.
It must be too darn hard for this high tech country to
do such a thing. Now I have tried drinking distilled
water before and that is terrible. I know that trace
elements in the form of certain inorganic chemicals need to be
present. I have no argument with this idea. It is only the
micro-bio activity within the water that I object to.
Whatever was growing in that water was long stringy
white filaments that are bunched up in masses
like so much cotton. This profile must fit the characteristics
for some kind of organism that somebody here can pin a name
on. It floats with neutral bouncy within the drinking water.
If you can not answer this question with some possible
scientific names then please do not answer my news-threads.
I am trying to get scientific names for the organism that
this could be so that I can look up more about it.
     G. M. Voeth
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