[Microbiology] Forum on "Origins of Life" by Dr. Robert Hazen

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I have set up a forum to discuss Robert Hazen's "Origins of Life"
course from the Teaching Company.  There are 24 half hour lectures
with the following titles:

1. The Grand Question of Life's Origins
2. The Historical Setting of Origins Research
3. What Is Life?
4. Is There Life on Mars?
5. Earth's Oldest Fossils
6. Fossil Isotopes
7. Molecular Biosignatures
8. Emergence
9. The Miller-Urey Experiment
10. Life from the Bottom of the Sea
11. The Deep, Hot Biosphere
12. Experiments at High Pressure
13. More Experiments Under Pressure
14. Deep Space Dust, Molten Rock, and Zeolite
15. Macromolecules and the Tree of Life
16. Lipids and Membrane Self-Organization
17. Life on Clay, Clay as Life
18. Life's Curious Handedness
19. Self-Replicating Molecular Systems
20. Günter Wächtershäuser's Grand Hypothesis
21. The RNA World
22. The Pre-RNA World
23. Natural Selection and Competition
24. Three Scenarios for the Origin of Life

I have created a separate forum for each lecture at:


I will coordinate this forum with other groups that are interested.

Doug van Orsow

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