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> Ok, I'm a high school student and I'm working on a project about Microbial
> Corrosion.  I need to find a way to either make my own growth medium for 
> my
> bacteria samples (preferred method) or a place to buy growth medium to
> culture my bacteria.  It's also preferred for it to be a liquid medium so 
> I
> can control the amount of bacteria in my testing.  Just so everyone
> responding knows, all of this will be done at my high school under
> supervision and under safe conditions.  I have the equipment to culture, 
> and
> a source to find the bacteria (bacterial film in corroding pipes), but I
> just need to find the growth medium.  Any help would be GREATLY
> appreciated!!!  Thanks!
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Hi CLoud

Ii dont advise manufacturing your own micobial groth medium, to do so would 
be likely to be expensive,difficult  and  would almost certainly
reducue reproducibility in any series ofexperiments you might intend to 
carry out.

Im presuming you are in the USA so commercial supplies of mediacan be 
obtained from ;-

      Remel Inc
      12076 Santa Fe Drive
      P.O. Box 14428
      KS 66215

      They supply Oxoid media.

You are going to have to put thought into which media to use and what 
condtions of  incubation  would produce the best result.

Some basic microbiological considerations  will need to be evaluted  when 
making this choice.

The following list  represents a few tips  you may have to consider in 
relation to the types of organism you are attempting to isolate.

1) Do you think just one organism  is growing on the pipe. As a first step 
why not do some microscopy  and Gram stains ( see your teacher) to determine 
the types of cell present. There could be bacteria or there could be yeasts 
or moulds  perhapes even alage present. If there is more than one type of 
cell present then do they appear to grow as an integrated mass ( a Biofilm). 
Differing agars and conditions of incubation exists for many classes of 
microbe. Such data is a result in its self :)

Do some reading at the library ! Try and find examples in books or 
scientific periodicals  of where others have described microbes isolated 
from pipe work. Do you  observations correspond to theirs ?

2) You need to consider physical factors in the environment  of isolation 
and try to match these as best you can   in your choice of media and culture 
conditions so that you atleast stand a chance of isolating something .

These might include ;

The presence Carbon sources
Temperature of the environment
The chemical nature of surrounding environment
The chemical nature of the surface the bugs are growing on
Are the bugs growing in the presence of oxygen or are they shielded from 
normal atmosphere

Thinking about and understanding these factors  is a important learning step 
in your project.

It sounds like you have chosen to work with bugs from a very specialised 
environment perhapes even an extreme environment, so possibley general 
media may not be wholly succesfull in culturing the bugs.

Lets say for arguments sake these bugs are iron reducing bacteria. Do some 
reading  on this. What does iron reducing mean , Why would such bugs  reduce 
iron anyways, whats in it for them. WHat effects do they cause. How do you 
grow them and on or in  what ..this link might help


What everchoices you make uif at first nothing happens then modify your 
thinking review the conditions above and try again.

If you do succeed in growing anything  compare what you isolate by 
microscopy with those isolates obtained ddirectly from the environment. Do 
they match  in terms of shape,size, take up of stain ect.

I suppose it depends on your ultimate goal for this peice of work, so have 
you clearly defined what you are trying to achieve ?

I dont usually help with homework but you request was polite, sensibley 
phrased  and cleary shows you intend to do some work.

All the best  and get a good grade


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