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HI Cloud,

You can go for Luria Bertani media (LB) for a start. This can be used for liquid cultures and also for plating out in petri plates for streaking and spreading stuff. You can make it easity in your lab using tryptophan, yeast extract, glucose etc. which you'll find quite easily in your lab. It should culture most of the bactreia in your film in corroding pipe. Try it out and if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to write back to me.

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>Ok, I'm a high school student and I'm working on a project about Microbial
>Corrosion.  I need to find a way to either make my own growth medium for my
>bacteria samples (preferred method) or a place to buy growth medium to
>culture my bacteria.  It's also preferred for it to be a liquid medium so I
>can control the amount of bacteria in my testing.  Just so everyone
>responding knows, all of this will be done at my high school under
>supervision and under safe conditions.  I have the equipment to culture, and
>a source to find the bacteria (bacterial film in corroding pipes), but I
>just need to find the growth medium.  Any help would be GREATLY
>appreciated!!!  Thanks!

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