Artificial Life

Joseph M. Saur saur at cs.odu.edu
Wed Jan 17 19:51:20 EST 1990

     Computer Science graduate student interested in doing Artificial Life
project seeks biology major for joint effort.  Project is to replicate, on
a computer, typical microbial growth patterns.  Currently have four small
programs running, duplicating following experiments dimly remembered from
Microbial Physiology class taken some 20-odd years ago:

            1. comparison of growth on two media, one of which provides
                twice the energy per pixel as the other;
            2. growth on medium where one portion has had heavy metal
                ions (growth inhibitors) added;
            3. growth on a medium consisting of four substrate molecules:
                lactate, ammonia, phosphate, potassium, where approximately
                equal numbers of each is necessary for growth and division;
            4. change in genetic structure over time based on two factors:
                - constant mutation rate,
                - change in enviornment.

Please send mail to:    saur at cs.odu.edu

                        Joseph M. Saur
                        3801 Hearthside Lane
                        Virginia Beach, VA 23456

           or phone:    (804)-444-6669/5982 (w) 

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