Help: Drawing trees on the MAC

Jack Pasternak pastern at watsci.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Jun 17 12:28:47 EST 1990

 I am seeking a better way to draw phylogenetic trees on the MAC. Currently, to
create a labelled tree I (1) draw the tree on graph paper, (2) type a simple
program with the coordinates of each line of the tree (i.e., branches and
'spacers'), (3) submit this program as a text file to the GRAPH routine of
SYSTAT, (4) take the graphic output from SYSTAT and then label the 'naked' tree
using SuperPaint. The results are quite satisfactory. However, adding additional
branches to a tree often requires repeating the entire procedure which can be
 I would appreciate learning of any other tree drawing strategies using the MAC.
My E-mail address is PASTERN at WATSCI.UWATERLOO.CA. Thanks.  

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