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Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Fri Jun 22 12:39:23 EST 1990

In article <1990Jun17.172847.16667 at watserv1.waterloo.edu> 
pastern at watsci.uwaterloo.ca (Jack Pasternak) writes:
>  I am seeking a better way to draw phylogenetic trees on the MAC.

"Tree Draw Deck" is a macintosh Hypercard deck for drawing phylogenetic 
trees.  I hacked it together from Christopher Meacham's PlotGram and 
PloTree phylogenetic tree drawing  programs, from the Phylip 3.2 package 
(I had all the parts lying around from other purposes, and guessed it 
would take me a half day to put this together.  Three days and several 
black oaths later here it is...).

Tree Draw Deck contains documentation, and will produce MacDraw compatible 
picture files.  The general format of a tree description that you must 
feed it is, for example for a doubleforked tree with four tips: 
    ((A:2, B:1):3, (C:1, D:4):2);     {for internode lengths}
    ((A:5, B:4):3, (C:3, D:6):2);     {for cumulative node levels}

It is available as a BinHex, Stuffit encoded file via anonymous FTP from 
the Iubio archive as:
  > ftp iubio.bio.indiana.edu
  ftp> user: anonymous
  ftp> password: guest 
  ftp> cd [archive.molbio.mac]
  ftp> get treedraw.hqx
  ftp> bye

Those of you without ftp access who want a copy of this deck, please send 
me a e-mail message. The file is 201 Kbytes in size.    

-- Don 

Don.Gilbert at iubio.bio.indiana.edu    
biology dept., indiana univ.,  bloomington, in 47405, usa  

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