Theories needed on life (Human + Chimp)

Norwitz Neal neal at tukkasotka.tut.fi
Sat Oct 20 17:44:03 EST 1990

Wayne Hayes writes:

> The further away from our
> branch of the tree we get, the more lax we are about defining
> species.  For example, we and the Chimps are a *lot* closer
> morphoplogically than some invertatrae that we call "sibling species";
> we're also closer than the horse and donkey, which can breed to
> produce a mule (or is horse+mule=donkey, whatever).  The only thing
> stopping us from interbreeding with chimps to see if we're sibling
> species is that, right now, most people would be revulsed by the idea.

Does anyone know if this experiment has been tried?  To bread a chimp with
humans would pose many ethical questions.  But it could provide some answers
about many topics including evolution.

	Neal Norwitz
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