summary of connectionism

Robin Allenson robina at castle.ed.ac.uk
Fri Feb 8 05:18:23 EST 1991

    I am trying to put together a short (15 min) talk on connectionism for some
people interested in AI, but not necessarily knowing a great deal about PDP.
Ideally, I want a short summary of the basic models, advantages, disadvantages,
and some applications. Can anyone suggest any books/articles that would do this
for me? If not, can anyone give email me what they think are the 'basics'.

    The NN-contest asked for a def'n  of NNs in a sentence. If anyone could
define connectionism in the above way in a paragraph, I'd be most interested.
If can you mail me, I'll mail the net a summary of the replies.


    Robin Allenson

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