SEX and fingers and phlyogeny

Fri Jun 28 14:45:01 EST 1991

  - - The original note follows - -

Thanks for all the responses.  I was surprised
at the number sent to me privately, if we are using this as a bulletin
board, isn't it better to post?
The responses seemed to agree that bandsharing in fingrprints could be
used for phylogenetic info, but I suspect that in the general pop-bio
populace there is more controversy about that, given Lynch 85 etc.

how bout this? I fingerprint lets say 10 females and 10 males from 4
populations. 40 females, 40  males total, 15-20 bands per individual
(minus comigrating bands as shown by breeding studies)
Then restirct analysis to only those bands that are restricted to males,
say that occur in at least 10 males and no females. Do the phylogenetic
reconstruction on only those bands.
Then, don't I have a phylogeny based on the Y chromosome? Or at least
based on the non-recombining section of the Y.(Guppies have primitive,
non-heteromorphic XY system; these probes are often associated with Y of
XY or W of ZW systems of "higher" vertebrates)
Can I look for the Y-linked guppy Adam equivalent?

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