Aligned 16s rRNAs by email?

Christian Haider haider at gmdzi.gmd.de
Fri Jun 28 02:06:15 EST 1991

harper at nic.funet.fi (Robert Harper) writes:

>C.Okelly at massey.ac.nz (C.J. O'Kelly) writes:

>>Sandro Bonatto has recently posted a request for aligned (secondary)
>>sequences of 5S rRNA for a phylogenetic study to be sent to him by email.
>>We have a similar need for aligned 16s rRNAs, and would like to receive
>>same by email.  Can anybody help?

>A WAIS search of LIMB with (16s rRNA con.tel) says the following for SRRSD:

>name.now    16S Ribosomal RNA Sequence Database
>nam.alt     16S rRNA; small ribosomal subunit RNA; 30S subparticle rRNA

>and the network contact is:

>con.net     fox at uhrcc2.bitnet or fox at uhrcc2.crcc.uh.edu

>Rob "at your service" Harper

Hi there,

although I have no idea what these 5S, 16S or 30S RNA sequences are
(I'm into Machine Learning), but I'd like to play around with some
sequences like this if it's not too much trouble getting them in
machine-readable form.

Are there anonymous FTP sites for stuff like that? Or could somebody
send some via e-mail?

Answers geatly appreciated,

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