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The Jones problem

Tue Nov 26 17:25:00 EST 1991

To the moderator:
I've changed my mind.  Don't unsubscribe me as I earlier requested.
Why should the behavior of the Jones drive away participants who would
like to participate (or just listen to) discussions of molecular evolution
issues?  Instead, I will (at the suggestion of another participant) now ask
formally that Jones be unsubscribed on the grounds that Jones has ceased
participating in scientific discussion, and is being a general bother to
those who do wish to participate.  This, by the way, is no more suggesting
censorship than it is censorship to throw unrulely disruptive louts out
of the hall during a discussion or debate where the particpants are 
physically present.  Jones is entitled to his/her opinion, and is welcome to
voice it, but not in this forum.
	Perhaps the most telling reason to unsubscribe Jones is the Jones 
response to an earlier request to behave "Nah. This is too much fun".  Louts DO
have fun disrupting things.  Persuasion and rational discourse not only fails tomoderate their behavior, it delights and entertaions them while it takes our time.
Please get rid of this one as soon as possible.
Barry G. HAll

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