Evolution and genetics

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>In response to you comments on evolution....
>JESUS, GET A LIFE GUY. BETTER yet TAKE an undergraduate class in evolutionary

Publicly, Such comments do not make a discussion.  I have the pre-requisite
that Mark 'requires' and the experience to voice an opinion.  :-(  flaming is
not constructive.  

On the other hand 

>evolution through non-biased ideas such as genetics.  Evolution occurs in
>non-mendelian systems and where the genome is not relevant.  evolution can
>occur above the species level (as in a forest ecosystem) and on the non-living
>level (the weathering of igneous rocks).  Let us find a definition of

I still stick by my point.  Charles Darwin with his insght developed his theory
of species diversification and evolution based on observations.  He did not
have the advantage of knowing the mechanisms of evolution or genetics.  He
theorized on this, though, and was wrong. -a forgotten part of his study-.  He
was able to create a volume of data, observations, and theories to explain a
phenomenon he did not understand at first.

His theory is based on species development, but can be applied to the different
form of evolution of a forest ecosystem.  On the local level, the species
involved are not evolving, but competing based upon availability or resources. 
The system changes as different species outcompete at different rates that span
several generations.  The system as a whole is adapting to the environment and
the changes around it.  That is evolution;  *the changing of a system to reach
equilibrium with its surrounding environment.*  This can be applied to a
species, a rock or an ecosystem.  One important note is that when a system
changes, it changes the environment it exists in as well.  This makes evolution
a never-ending, ever-renewing process.

Please criticize my discussion, not my background.

Frank Yue
taub at hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu

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