Evolution and genetics

Mark Yandell myandell at boulder.Colorado.EDU
Thu Oct 31 10:57:08 EST 1991

Frank Yue writes:

>I find it interesting that all of the recent discussion about <Definition of
>Evolution> is concentrating around genetics and its role in evolution.  There
>are too many refences in past postings to quote, but buzz words like alleles,
>isolation, frequency, mutation, translocation, etc. abound.

>Let me throw my two cents in by saying that it is only fair to define the word
>evolution through non-biased ideas such as genetics.  Evolution occurs in
>non-mendelian systems and where the genome is not relevant.  evolution can
>occur above the species level (as in a forest ecosystem) and on the non-living
>level (the weathering of igneous rocks).  Let us find a definition of evolution
In response to you comments on evolution....
JESUS, GET A LIFE GUY. BETTER yet TAKE an undergraduate class in evolutionary

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