Evolution and genetics

Frank Frank
Wed Oct 30 23:26:37 EST 1991

I find it interesting that all of the recent discussion about <Definition of
Evolution> is concentrating around genetics and its role in evolution.  There
are too many refences in past postings to quote, but buzz words like alleles,
isolation, frequency, mutation, translocation, etc. abound.

Let me throw my two cents in by saying that it is only fair to define the word
evolution through non-biased ideas such as genetics.  Evolution occurs in
non-mendelian systems and where the genome is not relevant.  evolution can
occur above the species level (as in a forest ecosystem) and on the non-living
level (the weathering of igneous rocks).  Let us find a definition of evolution
that can be applied to a system changing in response to its environment.

Frank Yue
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
taub at hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu
there's more than meets the eye 

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