New Sequences

UOG10013 at VM.UoGuelph.CA UOG10013 at VM.UoGuelph.CA
Tue Sep 24 17:56:27 EST 1991

My apologies if this has been posted twice.

An interesting family of repetitive sequences was recently discovered
in our lab. The units are basicly trinucleotides repeated many times in
tandems or scattered over a large DNA region; we have found these
repetitive sequences in every eukaryotic genome tested so far.

The redundant sequences reside in non-coding regions, but there is
an interesting feature that has caught our attention: scattered units
are always "in-frame" no matter how distant they are from each other.
The distance between the units is variable and apparently does not
match helix's turns. Does anybody have seen or read about DNA features
like the one described? Any comments regarding why the repetitive
units are kept "in-frame"?

Thanks for your time and attention

J.P. Martinez-Soriano
uog10013 at uoguelph
uog10013 at vm.uoguelph.ca

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