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Hybridization of Bird Species

Mark Fulk fulk at cs.rochester.edu
Mon Apr 27 08:46:15 EST 1992

In article <1992Apr27.072849.17251 at yang.earlham.edu> allens at yang.earlham.edu (Allen Smith) writes:
>        Actually, from what I know of the subject, differentiation by
>species via the hybridization success test is sometimes a matter of
>definition. There's one "species" ranging from someplace around Florida to
>Washington State, in which the ends can't interbreed. But the middle
>sections can do so, and the hybrids are quite successful.

Rana pipiens, the usual tree frog.

>        Also, how does one decide where the species divisions are in the
>past? One can't exactly do a breeding experiment. Sometimes, enough DNA is
>isolatable to run a DNA hybridization check, but where does one draw the
>line? Admittedly, one way would be to look for hybrids. But what if the
>two species in question are seperated by time?
>        -Allen

Also, what about ligers and tigons, coyotes, wolves, dogs, and jackals,
etc., etc.
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