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|The latest values I have for the genome sizes and number of genes
|of species in the various genome programs are:
|Species        Genome size       No. of genes
|E.coli            4.7 Mbp         2,500 to  5,000

The person who gave you the number 5000 did not document it.  I think
it is a guess and should not be used.  2500 is a better estimate.

|Yeast            14   Mbp         8,000

|> @inproceedings{Fangman1981,
|> author = "W. L. Fangman
|>  and V. A. Zakian",
|> editor = "J. N. Strathern and E.W. Jones and J. R. Broach",
|> title = "MISSING",
|> booktitle = "The Molecular Biology of the Yeast Sacchromyces",
|> publisher = "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory",
|> pages = "28-28",
|> comment = "size of yeast genome is 14000 kbp +/- 20%",
|> year = "1981"}

Good grief, I don't know where my student got this from!  I have the
book right here and there is nothing on pages 28, the date is 1982, not 1981!
I think he messed up.  Anyway, this is a better reference:

author = "A. J. Link
 and M. V. Olson",
title = "Physical Map of the {{\em Saccharomyces cerevisiae}}
Genome at 110-Kilobase Resolution",
journal = "Genetics",
volume = "127",
pages = "681-698",
year = "1991"}

Assuming that rDNA takes 2 to 3 x 10^6 bp, we calculate from the data
in that paper:  1.50E+07 +/-  5.13E+05 bp.  From this estimate and
assuming the frequency of genes is that of orfs found by Oliver et al
(Nature 357: 38 (1992)) is 182/315357, I find an estimate for
the number of genes as 8651 +/- 296.

Of course, all these numbers are important and useful for doing
an information theory analysis.

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