Making Evolution More Efficient

Tara McFarlane tmcfarla at fraser.sfu.ca
Fri Aug 21 06:11:37 EST 1992

well it would appear that people want to limit their imaginations. now, if you
were an evolutionary epistemologist you would view biological evolution as just
one area of knowledge acquistion. all knowledge systems can be viewed in the 
general darwinian scheme of variation, selection, retension, how valid an 
analysis this is is another matter. anyway, human culture can also be viewed
evolutionarily. i don't think there is much doubt that human culture evolves
much faster than human biology--ok, so no one said that speed of adaptation
is a measure of efficiency. perhaps if you look at the differences between
cultural versus biological evolution with respect to how variation is produced,
how it is selected, and how it is retained, you might come up with the 
answer you are looking for.

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