Was There Once an RNA World of Life?

Arseny Nikolaev Markov nexus at matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Tue Aug 18 15:35:15 EST 1992

una at phy.duke.edu (Una Smith) writes:

>Quite a few biochemists will argue that RNA and DNA are
>storage devices which evolved only after living cells were well
>established.  In particular, the intermediate (ancestral)
>metabolism was required before RNA and DNA could be used,
>since nitrogen-containing compounds are not cheap and easy
>to find.

>So sayeth Harold Morowitz (book due out soon), and there is
>another new book out on the topic of the origins of life
>which also refutes the RNA-first theory (sorry, no citation).

>	Una

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Did God made the enzymes for the intermediate metabolism? How got those
"living cells" well established without a heritage information?
And were they living without the ability to pass information to a

inquiring minds want to know,

the NEXUS>

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