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Mon Aug 3 09:59:14 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug1.075737.29958 at news.Hawaii.Edu> dudley at galileo.ifa.hawaii.edu
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>I need to find a style file for LaTeX called jeep.sty along with some
>others: prepictex, pictex, postpictex.  Is anyone in your news group
>familiar with these?  Is there an ftp location where I can pick these

|Date:    Thu, 25 Jun 92 18:03:57 +0000
|From:    David Osborne <cczdao at uk.ac.nott.mips>
|Subject: Re: LaTEX
|Keywords: LaTeX, archives, FAQ
|In message <9206151607.AA20378 at gdstech.grumman.com> of 15 Jun 92 12:07:51 EDT,
|Charlie Cusenza said:
| > Hello, Where can I access the latest version of LaTEX? What Anonymous
| > FTP sites exist?
|This is covered in item 22 of the TeX Frequently Asked Questions list,
|posted regularly in USENET newsgroup comp.text.tex.  You can get a
|copy using anonymous ftp to pit-manager.mit.edu, fetching file
|pub/usenet/news.answers/tex-faq; or by mail to fileserv at shsu.edu,
|sending a message containing "SENDME FAQ." (without quotes).
|- --David Osborne (pp UK TeX Archive group)

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