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NY Academy of Sciences Conference


Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

May 2-5, 1993

Organizing Committee:  G. Beck (SUNY @ Stony Brook), G. Habicht (SUNY @ 
Stony Brook), E. Cooper (UCLA), and J. Marchalonis (Univ. of Arizona)

   Host defense mechanisms have been evolving since the first organisms 
encountered one another hundreds of millions of years ago.  All 
multi-cellular organisms face the survival necessity of distinguishing 
between self and nonself in response to parasitism or infection with 
microbial pathogens.  Studies of ancient defense systems have extensive 
implications for understanding the evolution of immunity and problems of 
human health and disease.

	  We should not forget, as immunologists, that the first major breakthrough 
in basic immunology which heralded the cellular and humoral concepts to 
which we still adhere came from Metchnikoff's prescient experiments that 
revealed phagocytosis in simple animals.

	  This conference is a vehicle for realizing the concept that invertebrates 
can contribute to a more complete understanding and clarification of the 
immune response in higher animals.  Speakers have been drawn from diverse 
fields to afford the audience interdisciplinary insights into evolution of 
antigen specific and nonspecific host defense systems.  In this way we hope 
to stimulate further understanding concerning the origins of molecules and 
cells of the vertebrate immune system. 
Organization of the conference
	A.  Evolutionary principles of primitive defense systems
	B.  Cellular and humoral defense mechanisms
	D.  Defense molecules
	E.  Effector mechanisms
	F.  Internal and external environments
There will be contributed poster sessions in conjunction with this 
conference and these will form an integral part of the program and the 
publication of a book.  The entire abstract, including title, author(s), and 
affiliations, must be typed single-spaced and contained within a rectangle 
that measures 5 X 4 3/8 in. (W X L).

For more information or abstract submission contact:
Gregory Beck or Gail S. Habicht
Department of Pathology
SUNY @ Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8691
Voice:   516-444-3030
FAX:     516-444-3424
E mail:  GBeck at path.som.SUNYSB.edu 
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