spontaneous creation of life

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 7 12:40:34 EST 1992

1)  von Waechterhausen (or -er?) and Cairns-Smith 
    have produced interesting (and highly debated) proposals
    as to how the primoridal biomolecules were able to
    stick together before the formation of cells.  If you
    have not read these (and some of the debate on them),
    you should.

2)  The most likely reason that the Viking landers found no
    signs of _extant_ life is that Mars is bone-dry.  However,
    Viking was not equipped to look for micro-fossils.  It is
    also possible that life does still exist there, but only in
    very limited regions (and not at the Viking landing sites).
    Future missions to the Martian surface should answer some
    of these questions.

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