Evolution of the immune system

DAVIDSON Sean biosmd at luxor.latrobe.edu.au
Wed Dec 9 08:08:02 EST 1992

Larry Moran says:

>These genes are the most highly conserved genes known in all of biology and
>The genes found in the MHC locus of mammals are the inducible genes that have
>nothing to do with the immune system as far as we know. There are dozens of
>genes in this region that do not play a role in antigen presentation. The
>important genes are hsc70 and BiP and they map elsewhere.

I wonder though, whether hsp70 ( the inducible isoform) may also have a
similar role to hsc70, as its sequence is very similar. It seems logical
that the immune system should be linked in some way with heat stress,
considering fever may affect both these things. Perhaps he hsp70 protein
is induced in fever to alter the way antigenic peptides are processed or

Sean Davidson
Peter MacCallum Cancer Inst,
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