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>>1)  von Waechterhausen (or -er?) and Cairns-Smith 

Curses.  I knew I would get it wrong.  It's


>     Cairns-Smith's work is easy to find (he has written books) but I
>have never heard of this other person.  Where might one find a readable
>account of his or her work?

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His most recent publication (I believe is):

	PNAS 89(17):8117-8120  1992
	Bloechl, E, Keller, M., Waechtershaeuser, G., & Stetter, KS.
	Reactions depending on iron sulfide and linking geochemistry
        with biochemistry.

This paper cites a number of his other papers.

There was a strong critique of Waechtershaeser's work in PNAS a while
back, and I believe Urey was a co-author, but I haven't found it yet.

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