Looking for info on mtDNA variation and stratagies for detection

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 17 14:59:29 EST 1992

johnest at ulrik.uio.no (John E. Stacy) writes:

>I want to know if anyone out there has experience with (vertebrate) mtDNA -
>In particular, how much intraspecific variation is there in the "D-loop"?
>Regarding intraspecific variation, is it all at the level of single base 
>changes, or are there length variations (i.e. detectable as PCR product 
>length variants).

>All comments and references greatly appreciated.

D-loop polymorphisms were used extensively by the late A.C. Wilson
and co-workers in their studies of human evolution, as well as many
other studies.  Some references are:

	PNAS 88:1597.  1991
	Nature 350: 467.  1991.
	Mol.Biol.Evol. 8:475.  1991.
You might also try looking in the subject indices of J.Mol.Evol and
Mol.Bio.& Evol year end issues under "D-loop" or "mitochond-".

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