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Sat Feb 29 21:20:41 EST 1992

These are two books which can be used by the early beginners or advanced beginn
ers in the area of molecular evolution:
1. Fundamentals of molecular evolution by: Li and Graur. $25 .. Gives a nice an
d easy reading understanding of many profound concepts in molecular evolution
and avoids mathematical treatment of the subject. It is lucid and interesting a
s a first introduction to molecular evolution. First text of its kind which can
be used in the senior undergraduate level courses as a text book. 1991 ed.

2. Molecular evolutionary genetics: Nei, M. A classical text which can be used
to suppliment the above text. Provides reasonable mathematical treatments and
concepts in molecular evolution. Makes a great reference book and is loaded wit
h a large number of examples. A must if you are interested in doing serious mol
ecluar evolutionary work. Good for a graduate level course as a text book.

Sudhir Kumar
aur1 at psuvm.psu.edu

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