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                        MOLECULAR EVOLUTION
                        August 2- 14, 1992

The Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA announces a
series of lectures and discussions exploring multiple approaches
to molecular evolution, and a computer laboratory for phylogenetic
and sequence analysis.  This two week program is designed for established
investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students.
Scientists with a strong interest in molecular evolution including
organismic biologists, molecular biologists, and ecologists are
encouraged to apply. Since a major goal of this program is to provide
a forum for exchange of information between organismic and molecular
biologists, students will be asked to actively participate in 
evening discussion sessions. Limited to 60 students.

Topics to be covered include 1) the theoretical basis for comparative
sequence analysis of proteins and nucleic acids, 2) the analysis of
genomic sequence data and identification of homologous sequences, 3)
the applicability of macromolecular sequences to phylogenetic analyses
and contemporary approaches to molecular systematics, 4) the impact
of molecular phylogeny data on understanding the ecology and evolutionary
history of living systems, 5) the use of model systems for the study
of micro-evolution, 6) the evolution of chromosomes and genomes, 7)
molecular population genetics, and 8) current views on the evolution
of mutation rates, introns, transposable elements, repeated DNA
sequences, and multi-gene families.

Director: Mitchell L. Sogin.  
Faculty: M. Belfort, D. Davison, M. Donahue, J. Felsenstein,
M. Kreitman, L. Landweber, D. Maddison, G. Olsen, M. Riley,
D. Swofford, B. Walsh, and others to be announced.

TUITION: US$600.00 includes room and board (a limited number of
partial tuition waivers will be granted according to need)


Applications are evaluated by an admissions committee. Individuals
are notified of acceptance or non-acceptance within two weeks of
those decisions.


Florence Dwane
Admissions Coordinator
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA
+1 508-548-3705 extension 216

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