Evolution of Yeast?

paukstel at matt.ksu.ksu.edu paukstel at matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Tue Feb 18 23:10:30 EST 1992

I'm a 16 year old and a junior in high school.
next year i plan on doing research with another student on the possiblity
of spontaneous evolution in yeast. Besides from what i already know (
about mating type changes) i would like to be directed toward any reading
material that may assist me. The teacher who im doing this with is leaving it
pretty much open to us, so we think we are going to see if there is any 
change in DNA samples after the yeast are placed in environmental strains.
I'm sorry that i dont have the vast knowledge that you people do, but
i hope the obtain it in the next couple of years :).
BTW, anyone have and suggestions for a good school if i plan on going into
mol. bio or genetics?
"Honey, I've seen the Fnords"

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