Guidelines on tree-making?

Yannick at CX13 CX13 at MUSICA.MCGILL.CA
Mon Feb 3 22:15:35 EST 1992

G'day fellow netters.

I have what is probably an ignorant question regarding
phylogenetic trees. I have noticed that people publishing trees
often publish trees by two methods: one tree produced by a
distance method and another produced by, say, parsimony. I
presume this is a way of confirming their results by showing that
different methods generate similar or identical trees. Is that
the case? ALso, is that really necessary, or can you rely only on
a parsimonious tree?

Lastly, can somebody point me toward some published guidelines
concerning generating phylogenetic trees? I have been to short
courses and have read textbooks, but I feel pretty ignorant


Yannick Pouliot
Montreal Neurological Institute

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