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Thu Jul 9 20:56:00 EST 1992

tolman at asylum.cs.utah.edu (Kenneth Tolman) <9207092212.AA19642 at genbank.bio.net>

>  I am intersted in understanding the fundamental nature of chance in
>mutation.  What specifically causes mutation?  If you know any good references,
>please tell, everything I can find only talks about what the end result is
>of the mutation (base change, inversion, etc).

>  Where does the chance arise from?

>  Is it possible for a single photon to induce a mutation?  If so, this would
>be a prime place to witness chance- for the actual photons absorption is
>dictated only by the probability distribution of QM.

>  Where else is it directly evident that chance performs evolution?


I was taught that the chance (= random?) nature of mutations is in relationship
to the needs of the organism.  This is classical Neodarwinian dogma, but serves
as a good null hypothesis (to a fair approximation).

Other realms of evolution in which chance operates would include:

        1) Genetic Drift
        2) Random (Catastrophic) Extinctions

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