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Evolution is not progress

Arseny Nikolaev Markov nexus at matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Tue Jul 7 00:43:20 EST 1992

una at grumpy.phy.duke.edu (Una Smith) writes:

>All other instances of evolution as so-called progress
>depend on special pleadings for "improvement" in some
>aspect of the quality or quantity of a type of organism.

Wrong! Giving us Darwinian lessons, Ms. Smith forgets to look at the
modern evolution theory and it's contemporary interpretations. The
"macroevoluton" follows the outlined 1--4 points. Nothinfg new under the
sun. Just different quantitative levels. But to reach them you need the
descrete steps of "microevolution"--"improving" or upgrading a discrete
"evoluting system" adding to the multitude of "connections" (gates) to
the "environment". The other point in the game is that the "environment"
is changing so fast in comparison with the equilibrium(minimum potential
energy and max. information flux) of the "evoluting system" that "equili
brium" can not be achieved practically. Only the extremes, the fluctuati
ng "maximums" are selected for. That's why it is so confusing to
equate     "microevolution"  and "progress". That's pretty much clear on
molecular level where lethal "wrongs" are neutralized very fast by high
gene copy number or take the evolution of a dublet genetic code to a
triplet one.

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