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Evolution is not progress

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Tue Jul 7 21:25:26 EST 1992

In article <13batoINNfsc at matt.ksu.ksu.edu> nexus at matt.ksu.ksu.edu (Arseny Nikolaev Markov) writes:
>una at grumpy.phy.duke.edu (Una Smith) writes:
>>All other instances of evolution as so-called progress
>>depend on special pleadings for "improvement" in some
>>aspect of the quality or quantity of a type of organism.
>Wrong! Giving us Darwinian lessons, Ms. Smith forgets to look at the

I almost know what is going to follow when I see something start with:
WRONG!  in a topic that can't be reduced to the certainy of 2+2=4.

>modern evolution theory and it's contemporary interpretations. The
Wait until next year...a new ideological faction will evolve...

>"macroevoluton" follows the outlined 1--4 points. Nothinfg new under the
>sun. Just different quantitative levels. But to reach them you need the
Smith listed qualitative levels.

>descrete steps of "microevolution"--"improving" or upgrading a discrete
>"evoluting system" adding to the multitude of "connections" (gates) to
>the "environment". The other point in the game is that the "environment"
>is changing so fast in comparison with the equilibrium(minimum potential
>energy and max. information flux) of the "evoluting system" that "equili
>brium" can not be achieved practically. Only the extremes, the fluctuati
>ng "maximums" are selected for. That's why it is so confusing to
>equate     "microevolution"  and "progress". That's pretty much clear on
>molecular level where lethal "wrongs" are neutralized very fast by high
>gene copy number or take the evolution of a dublet genetic code to a
>triplet one.

What is news to me is that anything is clearer by viewing the "molecular

>Arseny Markov
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