Help needed:

K. Fischer kfischer at mesa.llnl.gov
Fri Jun 26 15:02:13 EST 1992

I need some assistance.  I would like to create a game that
roughly follows the transformations from the early critters
on the earth to present day ones.  (ie, if you "win" at one
stage, you "evolve" into the next "stage").

So...what I really need to know is this:
  1)  Is it possible to select 4 or 5 (more would be even better)
       present day animals that have at least 12 previous
       "ancestors"...going as far back in the fossil record
       as possible.
  2)  To go along with that, I need drawings of what those
       early forms looked like (it is a visual game), along with
       what the landscape might have been like when the
       creature lived, and any other preditors/prey that co-existed
       with it.  The more info, the better ... but keep in mind my
       major was computers, not biology!   :^)

I have looked in as many books as I can find and its seems that
while they have "snapshots" of a particular period in time, there
isn't much documents of the "flow" of one age into another.

It would be really nice if there is a human out there who has a
few minutes to answer some e-mail questions about this next
week, too!

Book titles are OK, especially if you can give me a hint as too
where I could find the book.  :^)

Kathleen Fischer
kfischer at mesa.llnl.gov

"Is it true, Is it nice, Is it necessary?"  <-- flame proof :^)
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