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Keith Robison robison1 at husc9.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 29 22:48:07 EST 1992

kfischer at mesa.llnl.gov (K. Fischer) writes:
>I need some assistance.  I would like to create a game that
>roughly follows the transformations from the early critters
>on the earth to present day ones.  (ie, if you "win" at one

>Kathleen Fischer
>kfischer at mesa.llnl.gov

Some sources which are not exactly what you are looking for, but
you may find useful:

	1) Tom Ray's artificial life work (I plug him because he''s
           from my alma mater!), as well as the rest of the AL crowd.
 	   A number of them have played with various computer-driven

	2) Richard Dawkin's "The Blind Watchmaker".  He proposed a
	   scheme for evolving shapes called biomorphs.

	3) AK Dewdney's Computer Recreations column in Scientific American.
	   In particular, the one he did on biomorphs I believe covered
	   some other work similar to what you are proposing.

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