Molecular clocks and "living fossils"

Allen Gathman C741SCB at SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
Wed Jun 24 09:31:59 EST 1992

Laurence A. Moran writes:
> First let me congratulate you for putting "living fossils" in quotation marks.
> This suggests that you understand how silly it is to pretend that any living
> species has stopped evolving. For the benefit of others I want to point out
> that the lack of obvious morphological change over time is not the same as
> the lack of evolution. In the case of the coelacanth the rate of evolution
> at the molecular level has been studied and found to be normal. The same is
> true of lungfish and horseshoe crabs.

Can you give me references for the work on molecular evolution in coela-
canths, lungfish, and horseshoe crabs?  I'd like to use this in class.

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