Statistical tests for gene conversion needed

Vivek Kapur vkapur at bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Jun 2 17:26:57 EST 1992

   I am trying to locate a source from where I can acquire computer
programs to analyze some data that we have using the tests described by
Sawyer (Mol. Biol. Evol. 6:526-538, 1989).  I am also interested in
knowing if there are any similar tests available to detect gene conversion
and nonrandom distribution of polymorphic sites in gene sequences.  The
data set that I am working with has over 30 OTU's of 380 bp and 132
polymorphic sites.  Will appreciate any help or information.  Please reply
by e-mail to vkapur at bcm.tmc.edu.  Thanks in advance.  -vivek.

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