Periodicity of sequence lengths in protein databases

Mark Cohen Cohen at cumuli.vmsmail.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 1 06:34:51 EST 1992

Hi all,

We seem to remember a paper published on the periodicity of the lengths of
sequences in a protein sequence database. Unfortunately no one here can
remember the authors, journal or title of the paper.  Does any one out there
know of this work, if so could you post or send the reference.

As we recall, the paper showed a plot of number of protein sequences as a
function of sequence length.  The plot was not smooth, but showed a
periodicity. The periodicity suggested that proteins were built from modules
of x amino acids.  We are interested in finding out if our vague memories are
correct, what the reference is, and what the periodicity x is.

Thanks in advance for any help

Mark Cohen
Cohen at cumuli.vmsmail.ethz.ch
Laboratorium fur Organische Chemie

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