WANTED: computer-readable data of maize chromosome constitution

Jan T. Kim aeg03 at rrz.uni-koeln.de
Mon Mar 16 09:55:08 EST 1992

Hello netters,

In 1981, the book "Chromosome Constitution of Races of Maize" by B. McClintock,
T.A. Kato Y. and A. Blumenschein was published. A large amount of data is given
in tables and maps in the appendices of this book.
Do you know if these data are available in any computer-readable form (e.g.
database files available on disks or tapes or via ftp ...)?
We have a VAX cluster running under VMS 5.4 as well as a number of Atari STs,
Macintoshs and MS-DOS-clones. Of course, we would prefer data that we can use
with one of these systems, but all hints are welcome.

Thank you in advance,
Jan T. Kim

X.400:    S=kim;OU=vax;O=mpiz-koeln;P=mpg;A=dbp;C=de
Internet: kim%vax.mpiz-koeln.mpg.dbp.de at relay.cs.net

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