NJ bootstrap availability

Joe Felsenstein joe at GENETICS.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Mar 4 14:32:17 EST 1992

Blair Hedges notes in this newsgroup the availability of NJBOOT from Tom
Whittam and also a similar capability in a to-be-announced phylogenetic
analysis package from Masatoshi Nei's laboratory.

I should add that, by use of the bootstrap tool SEQBOOT together with the
DNA distance matrix program DNADIST and the Neighbor-Joining program NEIGHBOR,
users of my package PHYLIP, version 3.4, can also bootstrap neighbor-joining
trees.  Other distance matrix methods such as Fitch-Margioliash, and other
non-distance methods can also be bootstrapped in similar fashion.

This has been possible since the release of PHYLIP version 3.4 in June, 1991.

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