Revised announcement of agiculture guide to internet resources

Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian DREWWE at SNYMORVA.bitnet
Wed May 13 14:47:00 EST 1992

My guide to INTERNET Resources in Agriculture is now available at three
different sites.

The description below is from the SURANET guide maintained by Michael Taranto
of NIC Services at SURAnet.

NOT JUST COWS - A Guide to INTERNET/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture and Related
Sciences; Written and Compiled by Wilfred Drew, 5/8/92; SUNY at Morrisville
College of Agriculture and Technology.

The purpose of this Guide is to list Agricultural and Related Sciences
information resources available through the INTERNET. Agricultural information
resources listed include; an index of over 40 libraries with extensive
collections in agriculture; INTERNET BBS such as Advanced Technology
Information Network and CENET; a collection of mail based services such as
Almanac Servers and over 60 Listserve Discussion Groups; other  miscellaneous
information resources such as WAIS and FEDIX.
Access: ftp.sura.net
Directory: pub/nic
File: agricultural.list  (Note that this is a text file not binary.)
Gord Nickerson's LIBSOFT ARCHIVE
Access: ftp hydra.uwo.ca
Directory: libsoft
File:  AGRICULTURE_INTERNET_GUIDE.TXT  (Note this is a text file not a binary)
       AGRICULTURE_INTERNET_GUIDE.WP51 (Note this is a BINARY and is in
WOrdPerfect format)
Billy Barron's Site at UNT.
Access: ftp ftp.unt.edu
File: AGRICULTURE-INTERNET.TXT  (Note this is a text file not a binary)
WordPerfect 5.1 format)


Before you print out the WordPerfect file, be sure to generate the table of
contents file as the paging will be different from my original file due to
different default printers.  I also used the master document and sub document
features of WordPerfect so WP will ask you if the document needs generating
before you can print it.

Please feel free to use this guide in any way you want as long as YOU DO NOT
CHARGE ANY ONE FOR A COPY.  Please also credit me for my work.  It took a lot
of digging to assemble this guide.  I could have put the standard copy right
statement in it but I hate those things and will only do that if necessary.

=================How to FTP========================================

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.  It allows a person to transfer
files between two systems, generally connect over local area networks or
wide area networks, such as the Internet.

Sample FTP session
The commands you enter are at ftp> prompt.

ftp hydra.uwo.ca   <== This command is entered at your system prompt.
 The address of the remote system here is hydra.uwo.ca.

Response from remote system:

220 HYDRA.UWO.CA MultiNet FTP Server Process 3.0(12) at Thu 7-May-92 11:48AM-GMT

Connected to HYDRA.UWO.CA.

Name (hydra.uwo.ca:drewwe): anonymous <== Enter anonymous at this prompt.
331 anonymous user ok. Send real ident as password.
Password:  <== Enter your e-mail address. It will not be visible.

230-Guest User DREWWE at SNYMORVA.BITNET logged into PUB:[000000] at Thu  7-May-92

11:48, job 5793.
230 Directory and access restrictions apply
ftp> cd libsoft <== Change directory command.

250 Connected to PUB:[000000.LIBSOFT]. <== Directory changes
ftp> ls <==  Lists files in directory
200 Port 6.98 at Host accepted.
150 List started. <== I have deleted the list of files from this example.
226 Transfer completed.
Received transfer complete reply
1553 bytes received in 00:00:27.97 seconds
ftp> ascii <== Sets file transfer to text.  If binary type binary instead.
200 Type A ok.
ftp> get AGRICULTURE_INTERNET_GUIDE.TXT <== command for transferring file
 to our system
ftp> quit <==  Ending session
221 QUIT command received. Goodbye.

| Wilfred Drew (Call me "Bill")                      ______          |
| Serials/Reference/Computers Librarian             /      |         |
| State University of New York                     /       |         |
| Agriculture and Technical College               |        |         |
| P.O. Box 902                           _________/        |         |
| Morrisville, NY 13408-0902             |                 |         |
| DECnet:   SMORV::DREWWE               /          * Morrisville     |
| BITNET:   DREWWE at SNYMORVA            |______________     |         |
| INTERNET: DREWWE at SNYMORVA.CS.SNYMOR.EDU             |_   |         |
|           DREWWE at SNYMORVB.CS.SNYMOR.EDU               \__| _____   |
| Phone:    (315)684-6055 or 684-6060                       |_____|  |
| Fax:      (315)684-6115                                            |

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