Response to 'Race, undefined term'

rbribies at husc3.harvard.edu rbribies at husc3.harvard.edu
Mon May 4 21:38:55 EST 1992

In response to the recent comments on race, skin color, etc.  None of
these attributes or labels have little if any biological significance
or meaning.  Read Lewontin (1974) and you'll see that approx  15% of
all human variation can be accounted for using 'classic' racial
categories.  As a biological anthropologist, I'm confronted with this
question aften.  Also, the comment that humans are not that dissimilar
is quite correct.  Compared to other primates, ie. chimps, humans have
a very small amount of genetic variation.  Check out Cann (1985?)
you'll see what I mean.

			Rick Bribiescas
			Dept. Anthro, Harvard

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