How to interpret RAPD data?

Rui Lu lur at jester.usask.ca
Thu Nov 5 21:23:34 EST 1992

Hi, there,

      I am currently doing RAPD analysis in area of population genetics.
As the data accumulating, I start to worry about how to interpret the result.
The problems are:

      1). How to score the very faint bands? Sometimes I can hardly tell
whether there is a band or not. Should I consider the kind of bands are the 
same as other strong bands?

      2). How can I deal with the variation within one population when I try
to find difference between populations(e.g. species-specific bands)? How many
individuals can be considered as representative of a population?

      3). Is there anyone know any computer programs that can be used for
RAPD analysis? Please send me a copy or tell me where to download them.

      4). I can obscurely remember there was a message about how to subscribe
to a RAPD directory. Can someone tell me how please?

      If anyone have met similar problem like these, I very much appreciate
his(her) discussion on this.
Ray Lu
lur at sask.usask.ca

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